2013 New Years Message

by Barbara McGregor, Master Teacher and founder of the Usui Rei-ki Network, Sydney, Australia

Barbara McGregor contemplating, circa 2011Dear Friends in Reiki

Each of us carries at least one memory that signifies a time of true peace and personal space. Drawing upon that image can help us shift state to inner calm, as does the parallel practice of reiki – especially when part of daily life.

So I send you an image that captures this state for me, with a perspective for the New Year.

Reiki 2 graduates and volunteers may like to consider that much that is happening in the world which is teetering on a fateful edge. Sending Reiki 2 healing to the key decision makers can only help tip the balance for good, even in the most fearsome and apparently dark persona.

For example, sending healing energy to Obama will support strength and courage but also sending healing to Putin could benefit an heroic tipping point in Syria, in Iran and even in North Korea.

We can all be silent healers for peace without the need for recognition or acknowledgement. There is a personal bonus in knowing that we have each done ‘something’, and received reciprocal individual benefit to balance our own internal warfare.

Reiki gives us each a reason to reach out and touch others. Who is your own ‘Obama’, and perhaps more critical at this time, who is your own ‘Putin’?

Wishing you many blessings,

In love and light

Barbara McGregor