Blessings in Troubled Times

by Barbara McGregor

A rose, which is a symbol of ReikiDear friend in Reiki,
In a blitzkrieg of viral shrapnel, hunkering down against the onslaught is wise, and the urge to protect one's kin a natural instinct.
Yet every day we face mortal danger. When you cross the road, you look twice or thrice  and step out, mindful of oncoming tanks, high speed missiles and improvised incendiary devices, that is, trucks and buses, cars and bike couriers. Most of us survive unfazed, maintaining our good cheer and home for dinner.  We do not live overcome with daily fear of traffic hazards, much more imminent than lions, crocodiles and marauding warriors were to our traditional forefathers, whose protection was as much to be alert and fit,  as it was to venture forth with spear and shield. It does not pay to be rash or unheedful.
So here we are today, 21stC Mankind, surrounded by invisible micro marauders.  By all means take sensible avoidance measures: 
Co-operate with authorities and their directions for the common good. Do the right thing. This is not the time to make silent political protests on behalf of 'individuality'.  Be a worthy citizen.
Practice 'social distancing'  while being kind to others with a smile.  For now, no hugs or handshakes but a namaste bow is honorable.
Cleanse your hands frequently and don't touch your face.  Cover your sneeze with tissue or elbow crook. (The bonus is your skin will improve with fewer blemishes!)
If you have symptoms of a cold or flu, or stomach upset, stay home and isolate. If we do this right, far fewer seasonal infections will circulate, and the vitality and immunity of the populace at large will improve.
So there is one positive goal on which we can focus,  that is to boost our immunity and enhance our vitality:
Eat well, eat fresh and sparingly.  
Exercise in ways that you enjoy without overdoing it. 
Dancing has been shown to improve immunity more effectively than a disciplined fitness regime. 
Ditto singing and uplifting music.
Have fun, crack jokes, be silly - even if your sharing is online, rather than in person. Laughter dissipates the biochemical markers of stress and thereby boosts vitality and immunity.
Miserly hoarding represents scarcity consciousness and not spending stalls the economy.  It is ok to participate in the world and in life, even if we do it differently. Keep the flow of energy circulating in your world, however you are inspired to do so and acknowledge yourself for your contributions. It's called sharing.
Reiki, reiki, reiki. The flow of Reiki manifests the warm flow of loving kindness and enhances vitality and immunity. Reiki has the calming benefits of meditation without requiring any special posture, breathing or focus.
For those trained in the Advanced techniques of reiki, practise distant healing diligently, hour by hour, day by day,  on those you know and those you don't know, including the leaders tasked with making sound decisions for the common wealth. Especially, keep sending an energy boost to the health workers whose Herculean task is unparalleled since the last 'World War' over 75 years ago.  This is your solemn duty.
Practise Reiki II in World Service to raise planetary vibrations and harmony in the world, in love and light - whenever your hands are not otherwise occupied.  
Remember the ethos of Dr Usui:
Just for today, do not anger, accept ...
Just for today, do not worry, accept ...
Just for today, count your blessings and be grateful,
Just for today, do an honest day's work and earn your livelihood without hurting anyone.
Just for today, be kind to every single living thing.

So, for now,  hope for the best, fervently, and plan for the worst, pragmatically.  
None of us have a guarantee on tomorrow, and we live every day in the now, day by day.  We can choose to do so in joy and gratitude for the blessings that flow to us.
Then choose your own personal image or icon, and meditate mindfully, as you incorporate your practice of reiki in your everyday life.  A butterfly, a rose, a waterfall ... whatever you choose that represents beauty of the spirit.
In love and light,
Barbara McGregor
For Usui Reiki Network
(c) 22 March 2020