Discerning the Authentic Teaching of Rei-ki

by Barbara McGregor*, Rei-ki Master Teacher, Governing Director, Usui Rei-ki Network

Healing Hands

Around the world, rei-ki co-ordinators, practitioners and prospective students in each Usui Rei-ki Network centre constantly hear of competing claims made for various forms of teaching and practicing rei-ki.

Just as unwary purchasers seeking the highest quality timepiece in a Rolex watch (backed by decades, indeed centuries of research and quality control in time-keeping and watchmaking) can be misled by spurious imitators, so unfortunately it is these days with rei-ki.

We hear that 'you can learn to do rei-ki from the Internet', you can practice rei-ki after a three hour course or indeed Rei-ki I and II in less than a day's 'teaching'. For those with a hunger for 'quickie' credentials, some folk are induced to part with quite large sums of money to become overnight 'masters'. The truly gullible find themselves drawn in to an expanding series of courses (anything up to rei-ki XV - 15!), for ever larger sums of money and status.

Let's hear about the authenticity of Rei-ki training.

Rei-ki I

First there is the hands-on method which, along traditional lines, we term Rei-ki I (which within the Usui Reiki Network International is taught over a 20 hour, three day weekend program). This involves four energy transfers - ceremonial procedures involving direct contact individually between teacher and student, several hours apart, followed by hands-on practice and feedback. There is training in the techniques for first aid and for formal regenerative treatment as well as self help procedures. There are hours of practice and progressive discernment in energy variances and responses throughout the course.

Most importantly, there is a metaphysical grounding in the association between past trauma and behavioural patterning and the tendency towards certain disease states, so that participants in the training are well prepared for eventualities in healing response and indeed the possibility for healing crisis in acute circumstances - a possibility well understood by those in natural health fields.

Rei-ki II

Secondly there is the Advanced Level or Rei-ki II, also an 18 - 20 hour training program over a weekend or three evenings, including homework, which empowers students to work with the healing energy of rei-ki hands-on more intensely than in Rei-ki I, and also to transmit energy over distance - across the room or across the world, with equal potential for regeneration and first aid in emergency conditions. This course also potentiates the further development of telepathic gifts in various ways, according to the innate faculties of the participant. It is required that those who progress to the Advanced Level in Rei-ki review Rei-ki I at least once, and preferably more often, as there is a more subtle understanding which develops in the application of Rei-ki in the context of the Advanced Level. There are two energy transfer procedures, teacher to student, in Rei-ki II.

We do not withhold any aspect of the teaching to be offered at a later stage for more money, more levels or more status points; nor do we recognise any form of teaching or claims to a 'reiki' which spuriously does so. We do not recognise 'quickie' or 'mini' rei-ki courses. We do recommend regular seminar review attendance.


Training to teach is a lengthy apprenticeship over many years, followed by a period of probation before certification. Teachers trained within the Rei-ki Training Academy sponsored by the Usui Reiki Network are licensed to teach rei-ki, which is a renewable permit and which can be revoked. Only those teachers currently acknowledged in our literature and newsletter, and on the Usui Reiki Network website, are licensed to teach rei-ki according to the entire tradition laid down by Rev. Beth Gray, in obedience to the directives of Hawayo Takata of Hawaii and her mentors Dr Chujiro Hayashi of Tokyo and Dr Mikao Usui of Kyoto Japan, over the last 100 years. Our teachers do not claim to have more healing 'power' than their graduates - the prowess is in the knowledge, technique and wisdom of the teaching method.

At the present time we have qualified educational experts formalizing the criteria for the professional practice and ultimately the teaching of rei-ki in a form which can be registered. If in doubt, please consult the accredited rei-ki co-ordinator in your area, as listed on the back of the newsletter or on our website: http://www.reiki.com.au

As the articles in the Newsletter demonstrate, and as participants in our seminars, reunions and retreats witness, there is a heightened experience of spiritual awareness which develops in the pure practice of rei-ki, which ultimately transcends ego and which strengthens the 'observer' self, devoid of delusion or illusion. Thus any tendency to be gullible is tested and objective truth ultimately surfaces.

Rei-ki healing affects not only physical imbalances but also emotional, mental and spiritual clarity. Rei-ki will teach discernment and pragmatism, as well as trust and idealism.


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*Barbara McGregor is qualified as a Workplace Trainer and Assessor (Certificate IV) under the Australian National Training Authority.