Everyday Use of Rei-ki

by Barbara McGregor

Healing hands

Stress is a byword of this era. In an age of medical miracles, it is a malaise which touches all.

Even those who are aerobically fit can fall prey to 'low spirits'- the mild depression and lethargy which can follow a burst of energy in a high demand situation. For others with chronic health conditions, stress situations can put their energy levels back even further.

As we move further into the 21st Century, forms of energy regeneration will become the next scientific milestone. There are many traditional ways to modify the effects of stress on the human body and mind: meditation, yoga, tai chi and qi gong to name a few of the more popular ones. Stemming from ancient traditions, such systems of stress relief require daily discipline and regular classes to maintain full effect.

There is another way.
A simple technique has been discovered which induces inner calm, enhances wellbeing and enthusiasm for life, as well as renewing one's sense of purpose. It is called 'Rei-ki', which means 'universal life force'. This is the simplest art of life energy renewal and there are no exercises, special breathing or words required. Regular classes and daily practice are not necessary.

Transmitted through the hands, the additional flow of Rei-ki energy is perceived in a variety of ways: heat, chill, tingling, pulsing or vibrations are some of the ways people may experience it.

You can practise Rei-ki at work, home or play simply by placing your hands over the vital organs of your body for an 'instant recharge' without conscious effort. Rei-ki is a valuable first aid tool which helps relieve pain, reduce swelling, staunch the flow of blood and can be applied effectively in emergency situations to aid others as well as yourself.

While it is generally experienced as calming and comforting, under some circumstances Rei-ki can trigger a reaction or spontaneous healing crisis, by rapid release of stored toxins, as in homoeopathy and other natural therapies. This is a positive sign to do more Rei-ki until the temporary physical response passes. The energy flows at the touch of your hands and, simultaneously, your brainwave pattern slows down to the meditational level of 8-10 Hz (alpha) - the natural rhythm of the universe. Rei-ki has been demonstrated on medical monitoring equipment to enhance uptake of oxygen in the haemoglobin by up to 30 per cent.