How to Master the Art of Rei-ki

Certificates as provided to graduates.

There are two stages or levels in the practice of Rei-ki, according to the original Usui tradition, taught within the Usui Rei-ki Network.

Rei-ki I

Access to the first level, Rei-ki I, can be acquired in a single three-day (usually 20 hours) seminar - an investment which brings a lifetime of benefits as no further classes are necessary. The technique can be integrated into daily life at the touch of your hands. During your Rei-ki I seminar you will receive four 'energy transfers' via the crown of your head through to your hands by direct contact with your teacher.

Rei-ki II

If you choose to progress to the optional advanced level, Rei-ki II, you are also given a way to increase the potency of the energy flow and to project the energy over long distances to serve others who are not within reach. There is also enhancement of your extra-sensory perception potential. Rei-ki II is a three day (or evening) 18-20 hour seminar involving two further, more complex energy transfers. Further class attendance and daily practice is not essential, though of course is beneficial.

What does this training offer?

All training provided by the Usui Rei-ki Network, meets and/or exceeds the Council of Australian Reiki Organisations Ltd's (CARO) requirements. Conducted to high professional standards of presentation and logistics, the seminars provide:

Individual Attention
Direct personal contact between student and teacher during each session of the three-day seminar is assured.
Exceptional Master / Teachers
All Usui Rei-ki Network Master / Teachers have apprenticed under a master and attended seminars for over five years. This means they have both the depth of knowledge and experience to handle any issue that may come up in a seminar in an appropriate and professional manner while providing true metaphysical insights into the issue. This ensures the utmost care for students most in need.
Practical Experience
Increased energy levels and personal tranquillity are achieved, following a step-by-step procedure which is simple and immediately effective, on yourself and others. This is demonstrated on several occasions during the seminar with participants practising on each other, under supervision, to gain ample experience.
Energy Perception
You will be taught to develop perception of the Rei-ki energy which flows from the underside of the hands, palms and fingers, with indications of the level of need determined by the strength and range of effects, eg. heat, chill, tingling, pulsing, etc.
Metaphysical Insights
You will be given holistic insights into the metaphor between the body and the psyche. So you will have a deeper understanding of the meaning of health problems which may have resulted from past physical and emotional traumas and destructive patterns.
Relationship Training
You will discover how to improve your personal and professional relationships, healing old wounds and forging new bonds as old barriers are lowered.
Personal Empowerment
You will be empowered to deal with future challenges in a positive, constructive and effective manner, whether it is a physical emergency, accident, or an emotional crisis for yourself or others, without conscious effort. Courage replaces procrastination. Crisis becomes opportunity.
Inner Harmony
As aspects of your life experience are brought into balance, harmony in body, mind, emotions and spirit becomes achievable.
Upon graduation, you will receive an authorised certificate of completion.
Postgraduate Services
The Usui Rei-ki Network extends the privilege of repeat attendances at future seminars anywhere in the world at no further fee to graduates in good standing. Regular reviews, reunions, group activities and a twice-yearly newsletter are provided. Special events such as 4-day Healing Intensive Rei-ki Retreats and World Service meditations are arranged to foster international goodwill amongst graduates. Participation in these services is optional and not essential.
No ongoing costs
With the Usui Rei-ki Network training, there are no further seminars to attend or levels to obtain. Once you have done Rei-ki I, you have all anyone has in the practice of hands on Rei-ki. If you choose to complete Rei-ki II, you will have everything anyone has in the practice of Rei-ki absent healing. No more attendance or participation is required and the benefits of Rei-ki are accessible for life.