MIXED MESSAGES by the wayside of life ...

by Barbara McGregor, founder Usui Reiki Network, some thoughts from the curb

Barbara enjoying some freedom on her own termsFrom time to time, my computer delivers a toll account from a government department for my travels via public highway, tunnel and bridge around town.

Its farewell message reads: ‘Thank you for choosing E-Toll’
The account itself reads: ‘Travelling without a working tag may attract fees’.

Freedom of choice is at the core of democracy. Yet in practical matters such as driving from A to B, there is no choice – my car must be tagged with an electronic device, which can be tracked, and I must take responsibility to ensure that tag is working.

Is this the mutant offspring of Orwell & Yossarian?

Yes, I do have the choice to take other means of transport, or simply walk, where distance, time and access are no issue.

Yes, I do have the choice to stay at home.

Yes, I do have the choice to drive in a car without number plates or ‘working tag’ – a piratical response to alternative forms of taxation and citizen surveillance. This could prove tiresome and costly in the court system.

So I drive my car, listen for the E-toll beep and allow direct debits to my credit card for the privilege, thankful for the loose shackle slavery that is modern living.

We all knuckle down, one way or another, without conscious awareness of our ‘willing drone’ status.

Freedom of spirit lies within. We each have the choice to travel the highways and by-ways of life with a song or a whistle, glad at heart or, alternately, to hunch over the steering wheel, cursing at road hogs who weave in and out of traffic lanes, heedless of others ...

My secret recipe for all the external Catch 22’s is reiki. I reiki when I am driving, in relative serenity; I reiki when I am waiting on the phone for a necessary response to a qango query, dutifully pressing button 1,2,3 or 0, #.

I reiki when I kick my toe, when I get the sniffles, or when watching a cinematic tearjerker.
When a friend calls in distress, I may not be at hand in the physical sense, but what a relief it is for both of us that I can send distant healing via reiki 2.

Most importantly, when I blame myself for some stupidity or other, when on a periodic guilt trip, I don’t focus on the negativity toll – I just reiki until I’m out of the tunnel.

When overexposed to war reporting, whether it is tit for tat ‘prat aggression’ between forgettable politicians, or appalling dark acts in far countries, or tales of others’ divorce outrage, I seek refuge in quiet contemplation and reiki, and say thanks for the persistence of that friend who drew me to reiki 30 years ago, despite my scepticism and resistance.

Where would I be without reiki in my life? Hmmm ....

December 2014

Happy Peregrinations to All during this Season of Goodwill