Raising the Vibrations for 2012

by Barbara McGregor, Founder and Master Teacher of the Usui Reiki Network International, Sydney

Barbara McGregor contemplating, circa 2011

Dear Friends in Reiki,

The Year of the Black Water Dragon commences on February 4, 2012*. Doomsday fears are

misplaced, for 2012 is not an end, but a beginning.

There is certainly the potential for puny humankind to be swamped by earthly dragon forces: Fire-breathing along mountain ridges (tectonic conjunctions); shaking its tail in the oceans; causing vast torrents and tides to flood and dammed waters to overflow; swirling of dense mists and huge pack ice cast adrift.

All of these things have happened before in the history of the world.

Wars and sectarian intolerance can be overtaken very swiftly by natural disasters, which tend to bring out the best in humanity. History shows that rebuilding efforts, after earthquakes, floods and tsunamis, enhance community bonds and boost local economies when the people have to pull together for survival and renewal. No time to bicker. Rebuild and replenish. Dragon years historically bring a high birth rate!

The harbinger of the Black Water Dragon was the sudden flareup of sunspots at the end of December 2011, after half a decade of exceptionally low level solar flare activity. This resurgence of solar flares was paralleled by worldwide disruption to telecommunications - perhaps an astronomical trigger for radical changes in the balance of power in the worldwide web and its manifestations of human connectedness.

Strandings of dolphins and whales tend to occur during times of irregular sunspot activity, and there has been a curious coincidence in the marine strandings of man-made megaships. We too get our ‘wires crossed’. The Year of the Black Water Dragon is, most of all, a call to pull together. If economic disasters can bring about peace negotiations, cessation of wars and the unavoidable necessity for nations and their leaders to commune for their common good, this is indeed a compelling correction in our social evolution.

If the Year of the Black Water Dragon means there will be an abundance of water flowing, this can bring fertility to drought ravaged soils and feed the people. The greening of the world economy can then follow suit. This is the direction of our future wealth creation: water and energy, harvested from its universally abundant sources, managed, distributed and shared with invention and vision.

On the personal level, each of us has a personal challenge to make the most of each new day, not to succumb to the Dragon’s Breath of ‘external flareups’. What can you do today, to bring positive energy into the home, the workplace and the world at large?

One thing you can do, every day, is to practice reiki. Integrate reiki into your daily life – don’t ‘keep it in storage for special occasions’. Reiki is a simple, practical and uplifting way to harness and direct healing vibrations, in the service of others and ourselves. You do not have to think, nor concentrate; just remember reiki as part of daily life. Then notice how serendipity and synchronicity ‘just happen’.

In the Advanced Level of Reiki, we have the privilege and opportunity to focus healing energies more broadly, to make a positive difference raising vibrations on the planetary level. Don’t fret in front of the nightly news, or cuss at inept politicians (who, at least, are trying) – practice reiki every day and refocus on your own internal life.

Fear is more crippling than any disease and more long-lasting. None of us has a guarantee on tomorrow. So, for today, as you meditate with reiki, tick off the good things that have happened and for tomorrow, consider the positive possibilities – the more energy directed in this way, the more good things will tend to happen.

The Black Water Dragon could bring external tumult in 2012, so all the more important for you to keep your internal gyroscope energised and in balance. Remember Dr Usui’s message: ‘Just for today, accept ...’

*Conventionally Chinese New Year commences on January 23, but the actual 2012 Lunar New Year, according to traditional Chinese Astrology, commences on February 4. However the New Year influences start to manifest in the month before.