The Usui Rei-ki Network

The Usui Rei-ki Network was founded in 1990 by Barbara McGregor, Rei-ki Master Teacher and founder of WellBeing Magazine. It is an international co-operative to link graduates in the teaching centres in Europe, America, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

More than 20,000 graduates in Australia, and approximately the same number overseas, have been trained in Rei-ki I and Rei-ki II by Barbara McGregor and Master Teachers, Keven Duff and Sue Lake-Harris.

Each Usui Rei-ki Network centre has a co-ordinator or local graduate facilitator. Regional activities include seminars, home-based groups, retreats and healing intensives, and distance-healing groups. International Rei-ki retreats are also held periodically.

The newsletter 'Rei-ki Happenings' is usually published twice a year, providing seminar details and stories of rei-ki experiences submitted by graduates. Graduates may attend seminars as guests, to support the teaching, review information, and to monitor procedures for first aid and regeneration. Some conditions apply.

The Usui Rei-ki Network honours the philosophy of self-help and self-accountability established by Mikao Usui of Kyoto in the 1920s. The training passed to Dr Chujiro Hayashi of Tokyo, who taught and conducted a Rei-ki clinic until 1941. The lineage of teacher training then went to Hawayo Takata of Hawaii and her first Caucasian teachers, John and Beth Gray, in 1973.

Rev. Beth Gray introduced the teaching of Rei-ki to Australia in 1983.

She trained Barbara McGregor in Rei-ki I and Rei-ki II in 1984. She appointed her as a Master Teacher in June 1990, after more than five years of intensive apprenticeship.

Beth Gray's graduates have honorary membership entitlement to the Usui Rei-ki Network, and many attend seminars and remain involved.

The Usui Rei-ki Network is funded solely from seminar fees and voluntary effort and is non-profit.

Barbara McGregor's seal/chop

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